- How We Work -


Your "wish list" is our starting point. We meet with you to discuss your problems, needs and stylistic preferences, given your budget and timeframe. Any property information you can give us, such as a survey or architectural plans will greatly help us develop a realistic plan.

Existing Conditions Analysis

We'll come out to thoroughly analyze the project area, taking measurements and photographs. Any plans you give us will be field-verified, and we'll examine all on- and off-site factors that could affect the design.

The Design

We combine all the information to create a "snapshot" of your property, which will become the design's foundation. Using your wish list, our staff of landscape architects and designers will create a custom design, tailored to your situation. We reevaluate and adjust the design taking into account local ordinances, build-ability, long-term use and maintenance. Then we do a thorough cost estimate to ensure it will come within your budget.

The Presentation

When we are finally satisfied that the design will both meet your needs and budget, we prepare a graphic, hand-drawn presentation that we feel will best communicate our ideas, along with a comprehensive, itemized proposal.Then we meet with you to explain your project, and to discuss further revisions until you are completely satisfied. If you are using a builder and/or architect, we'll gladly work with them to provide specific "hardscape" details for construction.


When all permits are obtained, we schedule work. Once we start, we will return until the job is finished. Expert landscape crews, backed up with over 30 years of experience, bring your plan to life. We manage our work and any contractor coordinating so that your vision is realized with a minimum of disturbance to routine and property.


We will advise you how to establish and take care of your new landscape. Our plantings are guaranteed for a year after installation, and our expertise will ensure a job that will mature with a minimum of problems. Your investment in a quality outdoor environment can now provide a steady return of enjoyment and enhanced home value for years to come.